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Der einzige, echte natürliche Rush Popper!
Rush Herbal Popper

Rush - Herbal-Popper is a 100% natural erotic stimulation medium. It increases the intensity of the orgasm. Results can vary between individuals. Herbal Popper increases the blood flow and releases other parts of the body like the anus and causes a higher enjoyment during the intercourse. Spray the Poppers underneath the tongue and after 15 minutes start the desired effect and causes unbelievable sexual desires!

Use and dose:
Shake before use. Spray 3 ml (2 up to 5 sprays) underneath the tongue, the desired effect appears after about 15 minutes. Don't take more than 3 ml per day!

What happens if one uses Rush Popper?
  • You get a warm feeling
  • You feel relaxed
  • You get immediately a hard erection
  • Your sphincter relaxes
  • Your orgasm becomes ten times intense

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